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Using Pressbooks, you can bring your unique digital stories to life. You can write, edit and design your book, and book cover, with ease. You can also create your own BiblioBoard Library experience by customizing your BiblioBoard Library homepage and creating a user profile.

With the Indie Author Project program, local authors can share their work with the community and gain more exposure. After submitting your book on the Indie Author Project, your book will be available in libraries across Arizona. Select books will be available across the country.

Indie Arizona Collection

In BiblioBoard Library, you have access to thousands of indie books, a Community Reads collection and more and you'll never experience a hold, checkout or lending limit. There are also historical and primary sources, some of which address our local history.

Apache National Forest History

Local Yearbooks

Coming soon:  local historical newspapers!

More Resources For Our Authors

Magazines from OverDrive/Libby

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Ebooks on OverDrive/Libby

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Reference Books in our Libraries:

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how to write science fiction and fantasy
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and many more!

Library Catalog

Check out this blog for some fantastic creative writing resources and helps!

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Local Authors Spotlight:

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